Queen's Park Summer Festival

Stage Manager and Talent Scout


Talent and Stage Manager 

Queen’s Park Community Council (QPCC) seek a highly organised, motivated and enthusiastic Talent and Stage Manager who will be responsible for the recruitment of a diverse range of local talent and professional acts to perform on the stages at the Queen’s Park Summer Festival, Saturday 3rd August 2019 1-7pm, as well as the co-ordination of these acts on the day. Approximately 30 acts will need to be recruited, as well as a DJ and stage host. The successful candidate will be working under the supervision of the Event Organisers and the Community Development Officer.

Dates: The role will cover the time period from Monday 10th June up to the week after the festival. The work can be done flexibly but successful candidates will be expected to have a check-in meeting either by phone or in person once a week to monitor progress. A final face-to-face check in meeting will need to be scheduled in the week leading up to the festival followed by a de-brief post-festival. Applicants need to be available for the festival date - Saturday 3rd August 2019.

Hours: The successful candidate will be expected to work for a total of 10 days over the course of the contract.

Terms: The successful candidate will be required to provide a proposal for undertaking the work, including a quotation, prior to agreement. The council is prepared to offer a total fee of £1000 on a contracted basis for this role, based on a flat rate of £100 per day for 10 day’s work. Costs for performers, stage and stage equipment of this role are covered separately.

Application process: Interested parties should email Liz Thorpe-Tracey, QPCC Community Event Co-ordinator  events@queensparkcommunitycouncil.gov.uk in response to this advert with a short CV, a covering note summarising your suitability for the role, and a short proposal describing the process you would adopt by Monday 3rd June 5pm. Please also state clearly how you will ensure a diverse range of both local talent and professional acts which reflects the demographic profile of the area and that will cater for all ages and how you will ensure that language and content is appropriate for a family setting.

Please note that we can only consider applications which follow the individual process detailed, from candidates who have the relevant experience for the post.

Applicants should be prepared to attend a meeting on the morning of Friday 7th June, upon request, to discuss their proposal with an intention of commencing duties Monday 10th June.

If further information is required, or to arrange an informal discussion, please contact Liz Thorpe-Tracey by email events@queensparkcommunitycouncil.gov.uk.

Job specification 

Prior to the festival, the Talent and Stage Manager will:

• Work with local residents to recruit local talent via ward wide publicity which will encourage acts from all ages and all backgrounds to sign up for the day.

• Liaise with staff from local organisations, such as the Avenues Youth Centre and Queen’s Park Library, and local faith groups who may be able to provide a couple of acts on the day or may have links to performers.

• Recruit an additional number of unpaid and paid acts, leading up to an experienced headline performer. Acts need to be both music, and non-music, e.g. dance groups.

• Recruit an experienced festival host and DJ

• Work to a stage budget of approximately £2,000 (to be confirmed) which will include all costs associated to the main stage performers, DJ and host and including expenses if required, and present to QPCC for weekly approval and final sign-off. Performers will be paid by cheque after their performance on the day.

• Seek out entertainment from a variety of cultural backgrounds which reflect the demographic profile of the area, and which caters for all ages, including for children, teenagers and young adults. Language and content must be appropriate for a family setting.

• Liaise with both performers and PA and equipment providers to ensure performers can perform on the day in line with the stage’s equipment provision, including within the stage dimensions, and raise issues concerning specific insurance needs, e.g. for acts using fire.

• Liaise with partner organisations to ensure award ceremonies are presented at the appropriate times on stage, including dog show awards and winners of QPCC’s Queen’s Park in Bloom.

• Report back to QPCC’s Event Organiser, Liz Thorpe-Tracey, weekly leading up to the event, including a stage budget update and brief timesheet, and in the week leading up the festival for a final check-in to include a final budget allocation overview and payment details for all paid acts and expenses. The successful applicant will also be expected to provide a post-festival debrief in the week following the festival. 

• Liaise with QPCC’s Event Organiser regarding all publicity material leading up to the event.

• Create a stage schedule in advance of the day.

• Liaise with acts for the day with regard to times, travel details and access to the park for equipment drop-off. Notify performers that QPCC cannot provide parking facilities, only drop-off.

On the day of the festival, the Talent and Stage Manager will:

• Coordinate all set-up and sound checks with audio and stage partners

• Meet and greet all acts

• Manage a ‘backstage’ area

• Co-ordinate all acts going on to the stage and with the stage host

• Ensure all acts have access to refreshments

The successful applicant will need to be in Queen’s Park Gardens 11-8pm on the festival day, Saturday 3rd August.

Person specification

The Talent and Stage Manager must have:

• Demonstrable experience of performance recruitment and stage management in a local festival setting.

• Demonstrable experience of working with people, and recruiting performers, from a diverse range of backgrounds.

• Demonstrable experience of managing budgets.

• An appreciation and awareness of an eclectic mix of music for a wide age range.

• Established links with performers, at both the voluntary and professional level, and agents / managers

• Enthusiasm and passion for live outdoor entertainment